Maia Financial COVID-19 Business Response Report

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As businesses move from reacting to mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear the future isn’t what it used to be. Pivot, evolve, change. These, and many more, are words we’re hearing in abundance as organisations navigate their way through the uncertainty of the impacts of COVID-19.

In order to emerge stronger, private and public enterprises can benefit from peer-like comparisons from which they can learn, take action and build resilience. The Maia Financial COVID-19 Business Response Survey asked the business community to share their response to the pandemic in an attempt to identify growth and profitability synergies.

This is the second report produced by Maia Financial following a COVID-19 related survey. The responses are intended to form insights into the projected state of play for organisations across a range of sectors. We hope you find them useful.

The Maia Financial COVID-19 Business Response Report covers: 
  • Business Operations, Growth Areas and Business Changes
  • Asset Investments and Sector-Specific Asset Management
  • Organisational Challenges and Adaptations to COVID-19
  • Government Support across Australia and New Zealand
  • Focus for 2020 and Beyond

Download the Maia Financial COVID-19 Business Response Report created with the needs of businesses like you in mind.

You may also be interested in the findings of Maia Financial’s first survey which are compiled in the COVID-19 Business Impact Report. Questions in this survey covered operating models, business impact, asset management and the use of financial support measures in relation to COVID-19.

View the Maia Financial COVID-19 Business Impact Report

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