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Vendors - Meet Your Sales Growth Potential by offering Operating Lease Finance

From the sticker shock of pricing to the reluctance to commit to a particular technology, these obstacles can derail strong buying intentions and hinder your business growth. Maia Financial's flexible Operating Leases address the pain points of new equipment acquisition head on.

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Flexible High-volume facility to Unlock Innovation

From artificial intelligence to robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), the possibilities are limitless. However, those executives charged with accessing the latest technology presents are only too aware of the challenges around capital risk, technology integration and having the capability to identify the best equipment when you know a rapid stream of upgrades is just around the corner. Add to this any challenges around budget constraints or uncertain market conditions and risk management becomes even more complex.

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Practical Support for Healthcare Providers under Pressure

If the healthcare sector is going to be successful in meeting the challenges of the future financial landscape, a review of new options that favour flexibility, customisation and capital preservation is indicated.

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Unlock Growth with Assets as a Service

Recently we have witnessed a significant shift among our clients towards embracing operating leases that embody the essence of "Assets as a Service" (AaaS). This adjustment in thinking considers how equipment finance can be integrated into a comprehensive lifecycle management system.

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Refuel your Capital

Maia Financial offers the 'Sale and Rent Back' (SARB) facility. This enables you to be reimbursed for eligible equipment opting to spread out large expenditure across incremental payments to maintain budget stability.

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Veterinary Excellence: A pathway to the latest technology for practices.

In the dynamic landscape of veterinary care, where cutting-edge technologies are transforming the way animals are treated, Maia Financial is enabling practices of all sizes to integrate these innovations.

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Signed, sealed, delivered - Improve your transactions flow with Maia Financial

One of the fundamentals of capturing market momentum and deal-making is being tech savvy, especially when it comes to secure data and document signing.

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Pump up the Volume - Unlocking the Profits of AV Technology

A key learning from the pandemic is that audio visual technology is the key connector to brand experience and a core driver of business growth.

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Stretching your Capex : Equipment leasing industry continues to thrive despite IFRS 16.

It has been said that once leasing is on-balance sheet, it would be the death of the equipment leasing industry. Read to learn more from our CEO, Keith Rodwell.

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Operating leases help drive adoption of EVs to meet emissions targets in New Zealand

New Zealand government incentives and sustainability targets are helping drive the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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