Managing Your Assets.

Helping businesses maximise asset and infrastructure efficiency to focus on operations.

Effectively managing the lifecycle of your assets…

Asset Selection and Pre Purchase

When considering what assets to purchase, determining your manufacturer or supplier of choice, your pre-requisite specs and software inclusions are key.

Maintenance and Asset Service Plans

At Maia Financial we assist our clients by taking responsibility for the long-term maintenance and related service delivery of business-critical assets to free-up your internal resources.

Usage and Asset Performance

To ensure you get the full use and benefit from your asset, it's important that your finance structure aligns with expected asset performance, and gives you the flexibility to upgrade or adjust your use of assets during the contracted term.

End of term

At the end of the asset's contracted term, you have a range of options including continued use through extension at a reduced rental, return the asset if it no longer meets your needs, or if you see long term continued use to make an offer to purchase. Preparation, decommissioning and logistics are key asset return considerations where Maia can provide assistance.

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Sectors we finance…

We engage with clients to fuel their growth by providing a range of finance solutions for standard and specialised assets and infrastructure across a number of different sectors.

Our Asset Management Services team…

We have hand selected a team of experts from a vast range of disciplines. These experts provide a highly developed solution, no matter what the challenge.