Kristen Huxley

Kristen Huxley, Director Growth Capital

Kristen Huxley

Director, Growth Capital, Melbourne

My personality test reveals my five most dominant themes of talent are: achiever, competition, activator, adaptability and empathy. I decipher this to say I’m driven to succeed and I love to win! I’m impatient for action and I live in the moment. I also have the ability to understand and sense the emotions of others.


Kristen's story

With more than 16 years’ experience in financial services, I apply my knowledge, technical capability, and relentless energy to support the capital needs of my clients. I pride myself on developing authentic relationships and I’m passionate about delivering solutions that allow my clients grow.

A proven high performer across corporate and specialised markets, including healthcare and agriculture. I am a recent recipient of the Maia Financial Ultimate Club award which recognises the top five performers across the organisation each year.

Outside of work, I’m a mum and a wife. I adore my family and we love to pack up the car and get out of Melbourne on weekends – snow fields in winter/beach in summer! I hold a Bachelor of Business (banking and finance) degree from Monash University.

Sophia Nelson, 3Wks

I was lucky enough to work alongside Kristen during her tenure as one of the youngest Partners at the nab. She is an incredibly intelligent, adaptable, dynamic, resourceful and engaging person – an absolute asset to any employer. Her tenacity and drive are unparalleled and her influence on me at the beginning of my career has been profound. I cannot recommend Kristen highly enough.

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