Mining Finance.

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Who do we fund?

  Gold, Copper and other minerals

Gold, Copper and Other minerals

Upfront asset finance solutions to alleviate budget constraints during a project.

  Iron Ore and Other resources

Iron Ore and Other resources

Fulfilling the funding requirements for intensive equipment required to ensure the success of mining projects.

  Thermal and Met Coal

Thermal and Met Coal

Financing mining companies when traditional forms of funding have not been available.

What assets do we finance?

We provide specialist finance and rental options for new and used equipment across a number of different sectors.

Earth Movers and Vehicles

Earth Movers and Vehicles

Dump trucks




Pressure vessels

Load haul dump




Front end loaders

Drills and Blasting Tools

Drills and Blasting Tools

Surface drills

Drilling rod

Underground drilling equipment

Hydraulic systems

Other Mining Equipment

Hydraulic systems

Washing plants

Semi-autogenous mills

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Asset finance options…

We provide an asset financing product for long-life Mining assets.

A pay-for-use asset finance product.
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An asset finance product that provides a cash injection for your business.
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An asset finance product for long-life equipment.
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An asset finance product which transfers ownership at the end of the agreement.
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An asset finance product that offers ownership from the outset.
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RUC Cementation Mining

Case Study: RUC Cementation Mining

RUC Cementation Mining (RUC) is a well-established WA based underground mining contractor specialising in Gold and Copper mining.


A rising export demand for Australian resources, coupled with strong exploration spending by Australian miners and mining contractors means there is a continuing demand for new machinery and other assets.


Understanding the true importance of business-critical assets, enabled Maia Financial to fund highly specialised underground drilling machinery for RUC to deploy at a gold mine in WA.

Maia Financial provided a competitive solution on a timely basis that allowed RUC to purchase equipment from a new supplier in a new region.

John Walters

Finance Director, RUC Cementation Mining