Privacy & Credit Reporting Policy and Information for Whistleblowers.

Privacy Policy and Information for Whistleblowers


To view our Privacy Policy for both Australia and New Zealand, please see the attached documents:

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Information for Whistleblowers

We have a Whistleblowing Policy that is regularly reviewed to be consistent with the Australian/NZ legislative and prudential requirements in the regions in which Maia Financial operates.

Through your dealings, or as a result of your employment with Maia Financial, you may become aware of information that gives you concerns about improper conduct by Maia Financial. If you would like to share information directly with us, you should contact the authorised Whistleblower Protection Officer by email

Maia Financial will accept information anonymously from whistleblowers. However, if you are providing information to Maia Financial, we encourage you to provide your contact details to assist in any investigation into the matter.

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