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The bridge between innovation and healthcare delivery

Our goal is to be the bridge between innovation and healthcare delivery, ensuring facilities have access to cutting-edge equipment to deliver the best care possible.

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The economy is picking up, is your business ready to take advantage?

How businesses have had to adapt and become more tech engaged as a result of the demands of the pandemic, to set them up for success in the coming years.

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The benefits of finance leasing within Education

With rapidly changing technology and equipment, are you keeping up with the changing demands and expectations of students, parents and staff? In this article we explore the benefits of an operating lease for assets within the education sector.

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Bright lights, big city: the opportunities to finance smart technology

As cities globally look to upgrade their infrastructure with smart technologies, paying for those projects presents a significant challenge to local governments. 

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Preserving clients capital by controlling water flow

28 Nov 2019

Many clients managing and maintaining aquatic facilities are challenged by ever increasing operating and maintenance costs. Understand the benefits that clients are receiving by adopting Pool Power Saver "PPS" technology.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution Article Image

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

20 Aug 2019

We live in truly remarkable times. While our lightweight smartphones and one-click shopping may somehow feel routine by now, they’re actually anything but. These conveniences and sizable advancements in technology are just a few examples of our society as a whole riding the rising crest of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Getting on the front foot with technology Article Image

Getting on the front foot with technology

20 May 2019

Swift, digitally-driven change is becoming the new normal and it can be tricky to keep up.  The rapid arrival of new technologies – whether hardware, software or digital infrastructure – are helping create a business world that looks dramatically different from just a few years ago.

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The most anticipated technology trends of 2019 Article Image

The most anticipated technology trends of 2019

14 Feb 2019

In this initial article, we explore the trends impacting us as individual consumers, however, looking ahead in the series, we will consider what these technological changes mean for the world of finance, medicine and other vital sectors.

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Economy held afloat as New Zealand voted for new Prime Minister Article Image

Economy held afloat as New Zealand voted for new Prime Minister

30 Oct 2017

Politics has, and continues to be, the primary focus for the New Zealand economy in the wake of the September election. Particularly as Jacinda Ardern has been announced as New Zealand’s fortieth – and second youngest – Prime Minister of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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Businesses Under Pressure from Technology and Politics Article Image

Businesses Under Pressure from Technology and Politics

23 Oct 2017

Ongoing investment into the latest technology is essential to remain competitive, on a domestic and international level, according to the latest Equipment Demand Index (the Index). This quarter, the Index focused on technology and the role of politics in a business’ ability to grow.

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