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New waste management initiatives hint toward a cleaner, greener future

27 Feb 2020

With the rapid adoption of green energy and technologically advanced initiatives within waste management, we’ve highlighted some major areas where change is occurring, and how you can contribute to the greater global good when it comes to your business.

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Clean up your act Article Image

Clean up your act

20 May 2019

Whether it’s a war on waste, foregoing plastic or trying to shop local, sustainability and environmental issues have gone mainstream. In fact, moving to embrace sustainability is no longer something that’s nice to do, for many organisations it’s essential if they want to meet the challenges of a changing business landscape.

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Introducing Maia Financial: driving growth Article Image

Introducing Maia Financial: driving growth

28 Nov 2017

From today, we will no longer operate as Alleasing, but as Maia Financial. Change continues to occur rapidly across the marketplace and in all areas of technology and CleanTech. For us, our decision to move with these developments was a natural progression for our business and a critical step in ensuring we provide ongoing support to the industry.

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Stranded assets, climate change and disruptive markets Article Image

Stranded assets, climate change and disruptive markets

28 Sep 2017

Stranded assets are an emerging risk management teams should be exploring to ensure they are making the most effective use of their investments.

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