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The benefits of finance leasing within Education

With rapidly changing technology and equipment, are you keeping up with the changing demands and expectations of students, parents and staff? In this article we explore the benefits of an operating lease for assets within the education sector.

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Asset-Based Finance and the SME Market 

The widening capital supply/demand imbalance seen the world over has created an opportunity for non-bank private capital to meet the borrowing needs of SMEs, and the diversity of those needs among them.  

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Bright lights, big city: the opportunities to finance smart technology

As cities globally look to upgrade their infrastructure with smart technologies, paying for those projects presents a significant challenge to local governments. 

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Freeing up cash

12 May 2020

Many businesses have had to rely on cash reserves to support operations – but found there may be insufficient cash in reserve. Thus, finding ways to free up cash has never been more relevant.

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The 4 C’s you should evaluate with your potential financier

The 4 C’s vendors use to evaluate financiers

19 Nov 2019

Uncertainty surrounding the volatility and inconsistency of asset-based financiers is becoming a hot topic and growing concern among equipment vendors of late, and it’s no surprise why.

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From ownership to on-demand Article Image

From ownership to on-demand

21 Aug 2019

By understanding the increasing popularity and adoption of pay-per-use and subscription models, you’ll be better prepared to not just spot trends, but to leverage them for your own business as well.

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Generating appropriate return on equity Article Image

Generating appropriate return on equity

10 Mar 2019

At Maia Financial, our ROE challenge is to provide more financial support and products to assist our clients in solving this problem – not an easy challenge to overcome. With global capital more transient and not aligned to country and state, I personally believe this challenge is more important than we think.

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Blockchain, bitcoin and asset finance: what is the potential? Article Image

Blockchain, bitcoin and asset finance: what is the potential?

27 Mar 2018

The twin trends of distributed ledger technologies and digital currencies, such as blockchain and bitcoin, have been touted since their invention as a solution of sorts for financial markets.

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The three capital blocks – equity, senior debt and asset backed finance Article Image

The three capital blocks – equity, senior debt and asset backed finance

16 Mar 2018

Most businesses have three main sources of capital, which all play a particular role. It’s important for companies to understand how each component of the capital structure works, so they can be optimised for the organisation’s benefit.

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IFRS 16 - Challenges and Opportunities in the New Leasing Standard

31 Jan 2018

The IASB has published IFRS 16, the new leasing standard which comes into effect on 1 January 2019. This whitepaper outlines the findings of research undertaken with Australian corporates on their readiness for the new International Financial Reporting Standard 16 (IFRS 16).

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