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Asset-Based Finance and the SME Market 

The widening capital supply/demand imbalance seen the world over has created an opportunity for non-bank private capital to meet the borrowing needs of SMEs, and the diversity of those needs among them.  

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Bright lights, big city: the opportunities to finance smart technology

As cities globally look to upgrade their infrastructure with smart technologies, paying for those projects presents a significant challenge to local governments. 

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Strategic Considerations in Asset-Backed Lending

Asset-backed finance is now, more than ever, a critical component of the company’s capital structure. Understand the benefits and costs of funding or buying short life vs long-life assets to help navigate the journey ahead.

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Asset trends: why modular buildings have all the answers

As budgets get ever tighter in both state-funded and independent schools, the question of establishing new schools or expanding existing campuses will continue to provoke a range of views.

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Enabling smart city parking solutions through bespoke funding

26 Aug 2020

Economic pressure is felt across communities, businesses and councils. Smart Parking has enabled hospitals and healthcare organisations with a range of parking options, and without proper car park management, parking spaces can be severely underutilised.

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Maia Financial COVID-19 Business Impact Report

Maia Financial compiled a survey for corporate and Government organisations in Australia and New Zealand in relation to the impact of COVID-19. Download the Maia Financial COVID-19 Business Impact Report created with the needs of businesses like you in mind.

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Maintaining work-life balance with Michelle Gianferrari

With the motivation to keep people active while working from home and to raise some money for charity, Maia Financial ran an Office Olympics step competition. Maia Financial's Chief Growth Officer, Michelle Gianferrari kept her work-life balance afloat with a personal challenge.

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Prospering in a pandemic … but no sector is recession proof

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to all sectors of the global economy facing uncertainty and disruption as businesses navigate uncharted waters. But against this, some companies are thriving while others have shown remarkable resilience and flexibility to remain competitive.

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Current market perspectives from our Chief Growth Officer, Michelle Gianferrari

Our Chief Growth Officer Michelle Gianferrari states "More than ever, our philosophy of one size does not fit all widely resonates - our clients are seeking quick and versatile solutions to meet concerns not experienced before." Read more about what Michelle has to say in this article.

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Asset strategies prepare hospitals for COVID-19 and beyond

The experience in countries with large-scale community transmission of COVID-19 shows the need for an unprecedented mobilisation of health systems and the resources that support it.

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Freeing up cash

12 May 2020

Many businesses have had to rely on cash reserves to support operations – but found there may be insufficient cash in reserve. Thus, finding ways to free up cash has never been more relevant.

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