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Asset strategies prepare hospitals for COVID-19 and beyond

The experience in countries with large-scale community transmission of COVID-19 shows the need for an unprecedented mobilisation of health systems and the resources that support it.

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Freeing up cash

12 May 2020

Many businesses have had to rely on cash reserves to support operations – but found there may be insufficient cash in reserve. Thus, finding ways to free up cash has never been more relevant.

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Metrics for success: Making 2020 your best year yet

The year commenced with some unexpected events including the Australian bushfires and coronavirus outbreak. When unforeseen social and economic factors occur, the potential impact on business greatly influences personal and corporate goals and priorities.

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The upside of industries enabling equality

We spoke with 3 women about their experiences in business and why this March for International Women's Day, they are striking the #eachforequal pose.

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New waste management initiatives hint toward a cleaner, greener future

27 Feb 2020

With the rapid adoption of green energy and technologically advanced initiatives within waste management, we’ve highlighted some major areas where change is occurring, and how you can contribute to the greater global good when it comes to your business.

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Preserving clients capital by controlling water flow

28 Nov 2019

Many clients managing and maintaining aquatic facilities are challenged by ever increasing operating and maintenance costs. Understand the benefits that clients are receiving by adopting Pool Power Saver "PPS" technology.

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The 4 C’s you should evaluate with your potential financier

The 4 C’s vendors use to evaluate financiers

19 Nov 2019

Uncertainty surrounding the volatility and inconsistency of asset-based financiers is becoming a hot topic and growing concern among equipment vendors of late, and it’s no surprise why.

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Accommodating your tech requirements for 2020

Accommodating your education tech requirements for 2020

The education sector is experiencing significant change when it comes to decision making for IT investments and the associated buying cycles. This whitepaper provides tips on your IT audit process, an asset management checklist and details of finance options for all your future technology needs.

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Convert modular classrooms into cash

Convert modular classrooms into cash

17 Oct 2019

We are always looking for ways our clients can use their critical assets, such as modular classrooms, to raise new forms of finance. The end result is access to cash which can be re-invested into your school. Imagine the potential.

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From ownership to on-demand Article Image

From ownership to on-demand

21 Aug 2019

By understanding the increasing popularity and adoption of pay-per-use and subscription models, you’ll be better prepared to not just spot trends, but to leverage them for your own business as well.

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Insight: How WBS is using emergency lighting solutions to create smart buildings Article Image

Insight: How WBS is using emergency lighting solutions to create smart buildings

20 Aug 2019

Emergency and exit lighting installation, testing, maintenance and replacement is an essential part of facility management and can be expensive. But what if this mandatory requirement could in fact plant the seed for your facility to become a smart building?

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