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Top Technology Trends for 2023: Embrace Agility with Operating Leases

6 Jun 2023

If your business is seeking to integrate efficiency gains from AI then you need an agile finance solution to capture the benefit of the latest technology trends. Here’s how operating leases can empower organisations to stay ahead of the curve and drive growth: 🚀 Agility to Embrace Innovation: Discover how operating leases provide the flexibility and agility required to swiftly adopt emerging technologies. Be a fast follower, seizing the transformative power of AI, automation, and other game-changing innovations. 🔁 Scalability for Changing Needs: As technology evolves rapidly, businesses need to adapt. Operating leases offer scalability, allowing you to upgrade your technology infrastructure without the burdens of ownership. Stay nimble and responsive to ever-changing market demands. 💡 Leverage AI Capabilities: Uncover how businesses, educators, and government entities can leverage the new frontiers of AI to unlock untapped potential. Operating leases enable seamless access to AI-driven solutions, empowering organizations to enhance productivity and decision-making. 🌐 Seize Global Opportunities: Operating leases provide the means to expand your technological capabilities on a global scale. Stay competitive in the international arena, leverage emerging markets, and unlock new growth opportunities. At Maia Financial, we understand the pivotal role that technology plays in driving business success. As a trusted financial partner, we offer tailored operating lease solutions that empower organisations to embrace new efficiencies, leverage AI capabilities, and adapt to the ever-evolving technological landscape. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation in 2023!

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Strategically inject cashflow into your business with Sales and Lease Back asset finance – it’s never too late to turn a cash purchase into a lease

27 Apr 2022

See how legal firm, Mullins Lawyers used Sale and Lease Back to strategically inject cashflow into their business, whilst keeping their IT assets up to date with help from Maia Financial.

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Grow your legal business with an operating lease – and not hurt your cashflow.

Learn how legal firm Hunt & Hunt used operating leases to cost-effectively acquire new IT assets, help their business maintain cashflow – and keep technology up to date.

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Stretching your Capex : Equipment leasing industry continues to thrive despite IFRS 16.

It has been said that once leasing is on-balance sheet, it would be the death of the equipment leasing industry. Read to learn more from our CEO, Keith Rodwell.

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Operating leases help drive adoption of EVs to meet emissions targets in New Zealand

New Zealand government incentives and sustainability targets are helping drive the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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The acceleration of electric vehicles across the public sector

Finding the right capital solutions for acquiring electric vehicles and charging infrastructure within local government.

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Emerging medical technologies driving new demand for leasing options

Exploring leasing trends in medical equipment, in both the private and public healthcare sector across Australia and New Zealand.

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The economy is picking up, is your business ready to take advantage?

How businesses have had to adapt and become more tech engaged as a result of the demands of the pandemic, to set them up for success in the coming years.

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How technology is transforming gyms and recreational centres

With increased competition and the rising number of emerging health clubs and gyms, keeping up with changing consumer demand has never been so important to attract returning visitors to recreational centres and fitness facilities.

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The benefits of finance leasing within Education

With rapidly changing technology and equipment, are you keeping up with the changing demands and expectations of students, parents and staff? In this article we explore the benefits of an operating lease for assets within the education sector.

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Maia Financial COVID-19 Business Response Report

This is the second report produced by Maia Financial following a COVID-19 related survey. The responses are intended to form insights into the projected state of play for organisations across a range of sectors. We hope you find them useful.

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