Giving back to our community.

It is our aspiration to give back to the community, to maintain the integrity of the environment and to effectively manage our business for the benefit of all stakeholders and we do this through our corporate social responsibility.


We currently partner with:



CareerTrackers is a national not-for-profit organisation that creates paid internship opportunities for Indigenous university students in the professional private sector. The aim of the Indigenous internship program is to create a network of Indigenous professionals that play an active role in supporting the next generation of students. Now in its eighth year, the program has successfully placed more than 1,354 students into internships, helping to kick start their careers in the professional workplace. With the help of those at CareerTrackers and their previous participants, a total of 89% of students graduate from university resulting in 485 CareerTrackers Alumni who are now working in full-time employment.

In addition to the internship program, CareerTrackers run a number of other initiatives including mentorships and a pre-university program assisting Indigenous students to take the leap from school to university.