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Director, Asset Finance
Asset Finance, Director
1 month ago
Interested in joining our team but can’t find the perfect role?

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Creating a home for talent

We house talent with one purpose: to create dynamic solutions that help each client unlock their growth potential. This means we are dedicated to helping you nurture and grow your skills, to build your legend.

We want you to be extraordinary and believe it’s our job to support you on this journey.

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We see ourselves as a family of specialists with one mission, to help each client realise their full potential. Through this journey we support and care for each other.


We believe our greatest work can only be achieved through training our team. When you realise your full potential, we recognise ours.


We want you to build your legend with us. This begins by helping you find your passion and continues by giving you the freedom to nurture your skills.


If you believe your skills can be applied to more than one role, we welcome multiple applications. Please demonstrate how your skills are adaptable to each role by writing a cover letter and include relevant examples.

Each position will note the application deadline. Please submit applications before the deadline. Entries close on the stated date to ensure a fair campaign.

Maia Financial is an evolving business and our needs, services, clients and products are always changing. This means it’s wise to apply if you see a role that fits your skills.

Candidates unique needs will be addressed on a casebycase basis. Requirements can be discussed at the time of short listing, to ensure all parties are protected.

The recruitment process can vary depending on the role. We can provide an estimate and note the steps required by candidates.

Please send questions regarding a specific role to A member of our recruitment team will be in touch.

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