Sale and Rent Back.

An asset finance product that provides a cash injection for your business.

  Sale and Rent Back

How sale and rent back works?

A sale and rent back transfers ownership of an asset to the lessor and establishes a regular payment structure to use the asset. The transfer of ownership provides a cash injection for the business and establishes payments over the agreement period.

A sale and rent back can be structured using a rental, operating lease or finance lease.

  Benefits of Asset Finance

Benefits of sale and rent back?

Sale and rent back agreements provide the following benefits for companies:

  • Smooth cash flow by agreeing to set payments over a specified period
  • Incorporate servicing and disposal costs into their agreed cash outlays
  End of Asset Finance Agreement

What happens at the end of the agreement?

At the end of the agreement, businesses have three options:

  • return the equipment;
  • upgrade the equipment; or
  • extend the agreement.

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