Vendors - Meet Your Sales Growth Potential by offering Operating Lease Finance

If you were to ask your sales team about the barriers that stand between them and a successful sale, they are likely to cite some recurrent themes.

From sticker shock, long payback periods or to the reluctance to commit to a particular technology, these obstacles can derail strong buying intentions and deter  equipment acquisition, in turn hindering your business growth.

Over our 35-year history we have found that operating leases offer a compelling solution to these challenges, providing a pathway to overcome barriers and drive sales forward.

With low and stable payments, operating leases alleviate the burden of upfront costs, making solutions more accessible to clients. Additionally, the flexibility to upgrade or change equipment selections addresses concerns about locking into a specific technology, empowering clients to adapt to evolving needs and market trends.

Further, and perhaps most importantly, by providing full equipment utilisation from from day one against a lower cost of entry, operating leases enable clients to transition into profitable payback periods sooner, maximising returns and accelerating the path to financial success.

For vendors seeking to extend operating lease finance to their clients, Maia Financial offers a unique opportunity to tap into a vast ecosystem of connections and collaborations, while also providing a flexible pathway for technology adoption and access to diversified credit providers.

At Maia Financial, we understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to financing solutions. That's why we offer a range of options tailored to meet your clients' needs, with finance available for solutions ranging from $5,000 to $25 million.

Here's how partnering with Maia Financial can help you unlock your sales growth:    

Expand Your Reach

Vendors that extend an alternative to traditional cash or credit purchases will enable their clients to have access to a proven adoption pathway with all the services and flexibility they require on single risk managed agreement.

By offering this chance to consider product acquisition via our operating lease finance, you will significantly expand your qualified buyer audience. Many potential clients may not have the capital or authority to buy outright, but with our flexible finance options, they can still access the solutions they need via their operating expense budgets avoiding the sign-off required for large capital investments.  Plus, with competitive rates based on your clients' credit strength you will ensure a pedigreed client base financed within their credit tolerances.

Get in Front of New Audiences

As a leading provider to government and the private sector, Maia Financial opens doors to difficult-to-penetrate markets such as local councils, education institutions, and healthcare organisations. Our platforms, contracts, and rates have been accepted by esteemed groups like Procurement Australia, the West Australian Local Government Association, and the Victorian Department of Education. Partnering with us gives you access to these lucrative markets and allows you to reach new audiences with your offerings.    

Getting Your Deals Over the Line

At Maia Financial, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our partners. Our streamlined digital process is available 24/7, making it easy for you to submit and track financing applications. Plus, our tailored finance calculator helps you move from quote to close faster, ensuring that you can reach your sales targets with ease. With Maia Financial by your side, you'll have access to new customers and prompt turnaround times, helping you close deals faster than ever before. And with our extensive experience across a wide range of assets, you can trust that we've seen it all before and know how to get your deals over the line.    

Entering the Stream

Once your clients have experience of the near frictionless adoption pathway of operating leases with Maia Financial you may find that the upgrade cycle and new tech adoption behaviours of these clients begins to change significantly.  As a vendor you will no longer triangulated into your clients ‘waiting for budget’ cycle before these are free-er to move on transacting out of operating expenses.  Further, the hand holding to get these transactions completed is outsourced to our team and the profile of your business benefits from exposure to Maia Financials’ vast client networks across the public and private sector.     

Giving your products a long full life

We believe that caring for your equipment can lead to a long and valuable life but we also appreciate the commercial appeal of keeping customers attuned to upgrades.  This is why at the end of the lease term Maia Financial has become expert in repurposing still useful equipment into a second life and keeping it from landfill.  This model enables our clients to enjoy access to a continuous stream up upgrades while ensuring the full operating value of your products is extracted from delivery to disposal and then onto a second life.    

It's more than a transaction.

Partnering with Maia Financial is more than just a business transaction—it's a strategic decision that can help take your sales to the next level. With our proven track record, flexible finance options, our ecosystem of dedicated sales support and access to new markets, we are the trusted partner you need to succeed.   

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