Unlock Growth with Assets as a Service

Over 35 years of service to Australian and New Zealand business we’ve learned just how important the right equipment finance solution can be to propel enterprises to the next level. We take the view that your vision powered by our capital can transform your aspirations into accomplishments.

Recently we have witnessed a significant shift among our clients towards embracing operating leases that embody the essence of "Assets as a Service" (AaaS). This adjustment in thinking considers how equipment finance can be integrated into a comprehensive lifecycle management system.

Beyond mere ownership, the AaaS approach encompasses a spectrum of services – from equipment delivery, professional installation, and regular upgrades to comprehensive servicing, responsible removal, and sustainable repurposing of equipment to minimise environmental impact. This 'breathable' usage model liberates businesses from the rigidity of fixed asset ownership, fostering an agile provisioning framework that nurtures growth.

In spirit, the AaaS model seeks to provide benefits that have similarity to subscription-based models, charging a predictable fee at regular intervals. This structure grants all the advantages of ownership while alleviating the burden of managing the extensive requirements of the service, ensuring uninterrupted access. Importantly, it obviates the need to purchase a high-ticket item outright to establish operations, enabling businesses to preserve capital for other critical needs. While subject to a committed period over the initial term there is no onerous deposit required or volatility in the rate, the pricing remains fixed for the term.

Notably, at Maia Financial, we operate as an agnostic financier. This means that you retain the autonomy to select the precise equipment you need, down to the make and model and design the added services to fit your precise specification. Our role is to provide the capital that aligns seamlessly with your operational requirements, offering the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and technological advancements without the burden of large capital expenditure.

Whether your goals involve expanding operations, upgrading technology infrastructure, or investing in specialised equipment, we can assist you to apply the principles of "Assets as a Service" to elevate your business to new heights.

Services within AaaS

Assets as a Service (AaaS) extends beyond acquisition as a dynamic model offering a customised spectrum of services designed to deliver holistic solution. In essence, Aaas is what you make it and can include equipment delivery, professional installation, routine upgrades, comprehensive servicing, responsible equipment removal, and sustainable repurposing. Embracing AaaS means creating your own tailored, end-to-end solution that nurtures operational efficiency and minimises environmental impact.

What kind of businesses can benefit from AaaS

AaaS is utilised for government procurement, publicly listed companies, and private enterprises. It is designed to support organisations seeking flexibility and sustainable growth strategies. From technology-driven enterprises seeking the latest advancements in IT infrastructure to manufacturing units aiming for cutting-edge machinery and facilities, AaaS caters to the needs of an array of industries. Healthcare sectors are also leveraging AaaS to ensure access to state-of-the-art medical equipment without the burden of ownership, while educational institutions are utilizing this model to access updated learning tools and resources.


 Adapting and Enhancing AaaS Services

One of the compelling aspects of AaaS is its adaptability. The flexibility of this model allows for the inclusion of further services or features at a later stage. This means that as your business evolves and demands change, additional services can be seamlessly integrated into your existing AaaS framework. Whether it involves scaling up the servicing arrangements, incorporating specialised maintenance, or expanding the scope of equipment repurposing, AaaS evolves in tandem with your business requirements.

Upgrading Equipment under AaaS

In line with our commitment to flexibility, AaaS accommodates the need for equipment upgrades. Businesses can confidently embrace technological advancements or equipment enhancements without the constraints associated with owning outdated assets. Through the AaaS model, you can incorporate the latest equipment upgrades seamlessly into operating lease agreements. This enables your operations to remain at the forefront of innovation and efficiency without the hassle of disposing of or selling outdated equipment.

In Conclusion

As you embark on the journey of business expansion, technological advancement, or operational refinement in 2024, consider the transformative potential of AaaS .

Maia Financial's offering is a versatile solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors with a comprehensive range of services to ensures a holistic equipment solution that fosters growth, and sustainability. From technology updates to responsible environmental practices, AaaS remains agile, adaptive, and aligned with your evolving business needs.

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