The 4 C’s vendors use to evaluate financiers

The 4 C’s you should evaluate with your potential financier

Asset-based financiers are part of an evolving market, surrounded by volatility, changing credit appetites and corporate consolidation. This is a growing concern for equipment vendors who often bring clients a product paired with a finance arrangement.

So how has the vendor evaluated their recommended financier?

The team at Maia Financial spoke to several vendors from different industries to better understand what is important to them and how they are evaluating potential financiers. Here are the key 4 C’s that were discussed amongst the vendors;


We are now probing much more deeply into financier’s capability and appetite to fund business within our target markets, gaining a better understanding of their existing portfolio so we can identify new industry verticals into which to leverage. - IT & Office Technology distributor


Competition has never been more fierce and we are looking for a financier who can take the time to deeply understand our business and go-to-market strategy with the view of integrating a finance offer which creates a point of difference and competitive advantage that is a compelling value proposition to our client base. - Energy Efficient & Renewables distributor


With so much change in the market we only align with financiers who possess industry expertise to ensure we have clear and defined roles and responsibilities in place to provide all clients a 5star experience each & every time. - Medical distributor


We like to understand a financiers’ history as well as their growth plans and long-term aspirations which need to be broadly aligned to ours to ensure they will be around to assist us and our clients for the long haul. - Plant & Equipment distributor

Given asset-based finance and leasing makes up around 40 percent of the country’s equipment capital expenditure, the challenge and importance for a vendor to have the right financier in place to jointly service client’s needs, has never been more real.