Robots paving the way in New Zealand

Robots paving the way in New Zealand Article Image

This quarter’s edition of the New Zealand Equipment Demand Index looks at business’ continued uptake of Industry 4.0 technology and the role robots will have in operations. We also revisit Christchurch as many are beginning to slow their acquisition of assets and review businesses across the country are planning to grow.

Long Road to Recovery

Christchurch is still recovering from 2011’s earthquake and has been estimated to cost the local economy upwards of $30 billion. Six years later and we revisit the region to find out how businesses are managing with the city rebuild still taking place. Will the recently announced deal between Christchurch airport and e-commerce giant, Alibaba, give the region the uplift it desperately needs?

New Zealand Embraces a Robot Revolution

For the third quarter in a row, New Zealand businesses intend to acquire new and more sophisticated technology including artificial intelligence, robots, drones and big data. Dubbed ‘Industry 4.0’, the latest Equipment Demand Index looks at how industries are transforming across the country. Could this be the rise of the robot revolution?

Cutting the Cost of Business

But with an uneven local and global economy, what factors are driving business behaviour? With the drive to acquire new assets such as artificial intelligence and robotics, are businesses going to rake in more costs or will it help reduce them?

Pathways to Growth

Expanding a business costs money. How are New Zealand businesses funding growth and what are the most popular sources? Find out more in this quarter’s edition of the Equipment Demand Index.

NB. The research and publication of the Equipment Demand Index was conducted under Maia Financial’s previous name, Alleasing. 

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