Refuel your Capital

The centre of sound business practice is the requirement to maintain operational continuity while preserving your capital. In recognition of this Maia Financial offers the 'Sale and Rent Back' (SARB) facility. This enables you to be reimbursed for eligible equipment opting to spread out large expenditure across incremental payments to maintain budget stability. Further SARB ensures uninterrupted operations using your preferred equipment as well as an avenue to transition your fixed purchase into an upgrade cycle, effectively relieving you of the long-term commitment to a singular purchase.

What is SARB

Maia Financials 'Sale and Rent Back' (SARB) facility is a financial solution designed to assist businesses in managing their operational expenses and preserving capital. This offer allows eligible equipment purchasers to reimburse their expenses made within 6 months of purchase while retaining possession and functionality of the acquired equipment through a lease-back arrangement. At the end of the lease term rather than retaining an aged asset you may elect to conclude your facility with us, upgrade to newer state of the art equipment or, if you remain happy with your choice of equipment, you can continue to lease it, or offer to repurchase the equipment at a reduced amount.  

Do I have to be an existing Maia Financial client to be eligible?

The SARB facility stands independently of any prior or current arrangements with us.  New applicants for SARB are assessed on general eligibility criteria unrelated to historical arrangements with us. A SARB facility can be your first or only transaction with Maia Financial.  

How is eligibility for SARB assessed?

SARB is available for both public and private sector organisations. There are two tiers of qualification required to be eligible.  

Firstly, as with the offer of credit products, we are required to lend responsibly. This means the type of organisation and the proportion to the proposed financial agreement are considered. 

Secondly, the underlying equipment must be of a certain type – rapidly depreciating equipment will not pass the test for SARB eligibility.  We have included a general list in this article, but it is not exhaustive.  If you are considering SARB for a purchase that is not on this list reach out to one of our expert asset specialists for an indication of eligibility.   

Is SARB a bail out strategy?

A SARB facility would not be extended to an organisation in financial distress.  SARB should be considered as an instrument for well run, profitable organisations with a trajectory of long term growth and a track record of sound corporate governance.

Will SARB impact my operations. 

Your equipment will remain in place with all services related to your purchase such as warranties and service agreements remaining intact. The SARB facility ensures you can streamline your operational expenses without impacting your relationship with the equipment vendor or disruption to your procurement processes.  

Can I upgrade equipment with SARB?

By transitioning to a lease agreement, you are relieving your operations of the burden of locking into a specific purchase permanently.  An operating lease agreement enables you to have continuous access to latest technology through upgrades at the end of the term for future equipment acquisitions.  This is a solution that supports organisations with an agile-service mindset recognising the rapid cycle of innovation can afford sizable gains in efficiency and profitability.

How Does SARB Help in Risk Managing My Budget?

SARB plays a pivotal role in risk management by transforming capital expenditure into operating expenses. This shift not only alleviates immediate financial pressures but also safeguards your budget for other critical initiatives. By choosing SARB, you can efficiently navigate early financial strains, ensuring the availability of agile funds throughout the year.

How does SARB relieve pressure on Capex?

Managing capital expenditure early in the financial year is crucial. Any undue pressure on your budget can significantly affect your ability to operate effectively for the remainder of the year.

By taking advantage of our 'sale and rent back' option, you can transfer the burden of capital expenditure into an operating expense. This strategic move allows you to preserve cash reserves, providing a prudent safety net until the end of the financial year, allowing you to spread the cost flow over time.

Is it a complex transaction?
Our dedicated team ensures a seamless reimbursement and leasing process, simplifying the experience for your organisation.

What Kind of Equipment is Eligible for SARB?

Maia Financial's SARB solution is exceptionally versatile, covering a wide spectrum of equipment. Eligible equipment includes, but is not limited to:

- Automated car parking systems

- Golf carts

- Gym and leisure equipment

- Community Wi-Fi systems

- Pool pumps

- Playground equipment

- Security software

- Emergency lighting

- Recycling equipment

- Vending machines

- Surveying equipment

- Lighting and solar systems

- Laptops, desktops, and tablets

- Software and related services

- Public WiFi networks

- Photocopiers

- Phone systems

- Networking equipment

- RFID Self-check POS systems

- GPS equipment

- Parking meters

- Garbage trucks

- Cycle to work scheme

Summing up SARB

Maia Financials 'Sale and Rent Back' (SARB) solution offers a versatile approach to managing your capital expenditure while ensuring operational continuity by transforming large capital costs into predictable operating expenses, preserving cash reserves and maintaining access to essential equipment and technology.  The eligibility of a wide array of equipment categories underscores the adaptability of SARB across diverse industries.