Introducing Maia Financial: driving growth

Introducing Maia Financial: driving growth Article Image

I’m excited to announce that a new period of growth and change is underway and that from today, we will no longer operate as Alleasing, but as Maia Financial.

Change continues to occur rapidly across the marketplace and in all areas of technology. For us, our decision to move with these developments was a natural progression for our business and a critical step in ensuring we provide ongoing support to the industry.

From our early days within the IT finance market, our business has sought to support industries by providing a different way to fund assets, particularly those items that many financial institutions won’t fund.

Our new brand continues to reflect this outside-the-box approach however, this time, we have taken things a step further and revolutionised the way we operate. This is an important move for us as we seek creative, appropriate ways to help our clients’ grow.

Growth is the reason why we have chosen ‘Maia’ as a core part of our new brand. In Greek mythology, Maia is known as the goddess of Springtime, a period of growth and renewal.

For the team at Maia Financial, growth is at the very essence of what we do for our clients as we provide new ways to raise capital, that sit outside of senior debt or equity.

While the introduction of our new brand name, Maia Financial, is an important step on our journey, it’s just the first stage in the ongoing transformation of our business and purpose and is something that I look forward to sharing more about over the coming months.

I mentioned earlier that we want to find creative, appropriate ways to help our clients’ grow and one of the initial ways we will do that under our new brand by taking a more active role in the management of asset and infrastructure. Not only will we fund the asset, we will also manage the human resources elements required to operate and service it.

This will allow our clients to further de-risk their business and free up capital that can be deployed to drive growth and profits, particularly once IFRS 16 comes in to play in 2019.

In an environment where capital adequacy and other regulations are reducing bank appetite for lending, and funding models such as securitisation are becoming expensive, Maia Financial offers an important source of funds.

We want to help you unlock your company’s growth potential so you can thrive in today’s complex, ever-changing environment. We look at the bigger picture for you and your company, not by seeking out the ‘quick win’.

It’s an exciting time at Maia Financial and we are excited to share these changes and developments with you.

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