Pump up the Volume - Unlocking the Profits of AV Technology


The demand for immersive, impactful audio-visual experiences is on the rise, propelled by consumer expectations, tech advances, and the need for sharp message delivery.   No longer limited to entertainment, this sector has expanded to elevate communications in public spaces like train stations and airports through to courts, stadiums, and the corporate sector.  As the applications for this technology have evolved it’s required a change in thinking about how to stay on top of expectations and deliver a cost-efficient AV solutions.

 Maia Financial understands these trends and offers innovative solutions to empower both the vendors of AV equipment and their users with an answer that puts technology within reach of those who need it and creating lasting value on both sides of transactions.

Equipment and Vendors of Choice

We enable clients to select their choice of vendor and equipment to ensure the focus remains on prompt delivery and seamless client experiences for both AV vendors and their clients. We understand that no two projects are alike. Our finance solutions align with the specific needs and objectives of our stakeholders.  We are experienced in handling scale, obscure requirements, specialist brands, and dynamic technologies.

Managing Capital Costs to Embrace Tech Trends

While remaining at the forefront of innovation is the goal the prohibitive cost of capital investment often stands in the way. Maia Financials’ lease offering transforms capital expenses (CapEx) into operational expenses (OpEx).  Appling this new lens to AV enables continuous access cutting-edge technology without budget stress bringing a vast greenfields opportunity to AV vendors.

Mitigating Value Erosion from Outdated Technology

Outdated or poorly integrated technology is a value killer as the requirements for compatible componentry create premature obsolescence in otherwise functional tech.  This value erosion is avoidable by taking a portfolio-wide approach to equipment finance with high level oversight of resource management, tech evolution timelines ensure the risk of value depletion is mitigated.

Transforming Business Models with AV-as-a-Service

We understand that down-time is not a negotiable. With integrated maintenance, upgrades, and servicing, your equipment remains in top form, guaranteeing a consistent delivery of exceptional experiences that elevate your brand. 

Maia Financial's lease offering opens doors to innovative business models, including AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS). AVaaS provides comprehensive support, encompassing hardware, software, services, and more, all incorporated into a fixed monthly payment. This format offers benefits such as:

- Predictable budgeting and cash-flow management.

- Seamless equipment maintenance and updates.

- Preservation of cash and working capital lines.

- Effortless technology refresh at the term's end.

Partnering with Maia Financial

Key benefits of partnering with Maia Financial include:

- Cost-effective access to dynamic AV technology.

- Holistic tech solution, equipment, and vendor agnostic

- Tailored solutions for AV equipment suppliers (AV-as-a-service).

- Transition from CapEx to OpEx, preserving budget flexibility.

- Expert support in equipment setup, training, and maintenance.

- Regular updates for operational efficiency.

- Simplified billing and collection processes.

- Environmentally conscious equipment disposal.

- Over 35 years of experience in the Australian market.

- A partner that is able to leverage a base of $6.5 billion in transactions.

- Financial expertise to support growth and innovation.

- Nonbank lender allowing you to diversify your financing sources

- Australian based, call centre and 1:1 client service.


Our Wide Spectrum of Served Industries

Maia Financial caters to an array of Australian industries, including:

- Government

- Education

- Healthcare

- Professional Services

- Large Corporates


Elevating AV Experiences in Australia

As a trusted partner for Australian AV equipment users and vendors  our solutions unlock the potential to exceed consumer expectations, embrace technology trends, and maximize profitability. With decades of experience and a robust financial foundation, Maia Financial is poised to help Australian AV enterprises thrive in the digital age, raising the bar for AV experiences across the nation.