Preserving clients capital by controlling water flow

Maia Financials involvement in funding diverse projects led us to discover that many clients managing and maintaining aquatic facilities are challenged by ever increasing operating and maintenance costs.

With advancements in technology, one would assume that a proven solution existed to significantly reduce these expenses.

We spoke to the team at MinPower to understand the benefits that clients are receiving by adopting Pool Power Saver “PPS” technology.

Q: Tell us about some of your current clients and the benefits they have received by adopting this technology?

A:  Our staff have completed a number of projects for local government councils including The City of Vincent, The City of Gosnells and The Shire of Derby West Kimberley in Western Australia and depending on the size and scale of the site we have proudly helped them achieve real-world savings ranging from $13,000 to $120,000 p.a. off the facilities power bill.

The same clients are also benefiting from;

- Lower maintenance costs of equipment due to the soft start technology reducing the impact and shock stress on the pipework, connection fittings and hydraulic systems.

- Improved pool filtering and cleaning

- Greater water quality

- Quieter plant rooms

The savings have vastly improved the facilities bottom line and enabled operators to carry out other projects well ahead of schedule.  

Q: What is Pool Power Saver “PPS” technology and how does it work?

A: PPS is a variable speed drive that is easily installed between a power supply and existing pool pump with no plumbing required. The technology transforms any regular pump into an energy efficient multi speed device which controls the AC motor speed and torque by varying the motor input frequency and voltage.

The technology enables the reduction of the pumps power consumption by up to 75% and varied flow rates in accordance with bather loads, health and hygiene factors.

We have developed a market leading solution by combining hardware manufactured in the UK from quality parts with our unique application and programming that is customised to deliver high performance and exceptional reliability at every site.

Q: Which industries are benefiting from this technology?

A: The technology can be implemented at most large commercial aquatic facilities which generally includes local government, education, aged care and enterprise hospitality groups.

Q: How do clients go about finding out if the technology is suitable for their site?

A: With basic details of the facility and current power consumption, the team at MinPower can quickly and simply confirm the right solution and expected savings.

This is an ideal solution for prolonging the life of the existing equipment and a compelling alternative to the costly and logistical nightmare of refitting a facility with new DC pumps, the team at MinPower and Maia Financial continue to collaborate to deliver competitive and compelling funding packages to enable clients to acquire the PPS technology with ease.