Maia Financial partners with MedEarth to deliver medical equipment to developing countries


Repurposing medical equipment into 3rd world countries is the focus of Maia Financial’s partnership with MedEarth. This initiative will see positive impacts on the environment and health standards in developing nations.

Maia Financial made its first contribution in February 2019, delivering a Philips Duo Diagnostics X-Ray Room to MedEarth. This item has been earmarked to be placed in Quelicai, Timor Leste (commonly known as East Timor), with shipping scheduled for September 2019. Although the system had been used for 8 years, it still has capacity to be re-purposed with the potential to be used for another 8-10 years.

Healthcare is the second largest contributor to landfill waste, following close behind the food industry. Much of the medical equipment that ends up in landfill can be repurposed to aid communities in need. In particular those in developing nations where millions of children die every year from preventable illnesses due to the lack of proper medical equipment.

“When our client decided to upgrade from analog to digital technology, the MedEarth partnership enabled Maia Financial with a unique opportunity to reduce delivery and disposal costs, protect the environment from increasing dumping and provide a less fortunate community with proper medical equipment” said Shaun Sergay, Asset Performance, Maia Financial.

The Timor Leste community is impoverished with a clear and significant need for medical resources.

“In our world, illness is universal but access to care is limited. That’s what we’re trying to make inroads into,” said MedEarth co-founder Laura Taitz.

MedEarth is an Australian environmental charity that recovers used, quality hospital equipment for redistribution to developing nations. Motivated by protecting the environment, MedEarth aims to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that ends up in landfill every year while simultaneously increasing access to high-tech medical instruments in developing nations.

Maia Financial’s partnership with MedEarth aims to make a positive impact on the lives of many, as well as the environment. Further, re-purposing unwanted equipment enables our clients to potentially save on delivery and scrapping costs.

Discussions with MedEarth regarding the repurposing of an Endoscope Storage Cabinet is currently underway.

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About Maia Financial

Maia Financial ( is a leading, independent asset finance house with more than 25 years’ experience. Its unique funds management model and pools of global capital allow Maia Financial to own, fund and operate assets on and off the balance sheet for government, public and private corporations. Maia Financial is part of Monash Private Capital Group, backed by KKR and Highbridge Principal Strategies.

About MedEarth

MedEarth is an emerging Australian environmental and humanitarian charity that recovers medical equipment and supplies destined for landfill, and redistributes it to developing countries where it is able to save lives.

Every year, millions of children die before their fifth birthday – most in developing countries, and most because of preventable illnesses. MedEarth bridges the gap between our abundance and their absence, our surplus and their scarcity. Using the surplus MedEarth recovers, they match their inventory to the needs in the world by partnering closely with both domestic and international partners to ensure people get what they need.