The Internet of Things and capital constraints

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Equipment Demand Index, Australia, February 2017

A turbulent political economy, fears of a recession and the continued rapid pace of technological advancement creating the aptly named Internet of Things, there’s a lot for businesses to be thinking about at the moment, and that’s without dealing with the cost of capital.

With so many issues taking up Australian businesses time, this quarter’s research looks behind the scenes to find out how industries and companies are reacting and how they plan to manage and grow their business in the second half of the 2016/2017 financial year.

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Capital constraints a common complaint

Businesses aspire to grow and expand, but often the financial resources to do so are out of reach. This round of research looks at which business segments are challenged the most and what impact this can have on businesses of all sizes.

Sentiment pauses for breath. Are fears of a recession overdone?

The vital signs for the health of the Australian economy are ambiguous. Growth figures before the end of 2016 sparked speculation that the economy could be headed for its first recession in a quarter of a century, but this was seemingly dispelled by an unexpected trade surplus. Do economists expect to see trade to continue to rise or will uncertainty continue to rule the marketplace and which business segments will profit the most?

A tale of a multi-speed economy

The ABS GDP growth figures for the September quarter of 2016 pinpointed a wide disparity in the economic performance of the states which is also reflected in the Alleasing Index. Beyond geographies, the Index also shows significant differences in sentiment between industry sectors, reinforcing the view of an uneven economy traveling at different speeds. With each state and industry segment performing at different speeds, our research looks into how businesses see the coming quarter and how that will affect the national economy.

The ‘Internet of Things’ era begins

The connected ‘Internet of Things,’ (IoT) world is not simply one technology, it is a combination of wireless, cloud services, mobility and data analytics. So far, 2017 is shaping as a significant milestone year in its development as devices across the globe connect online. The Alleasing Equipment Demand Index reveals the most popular assets amongst businesses and how technology will shape the future of business.

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