Signed, sealed, delivered - Improve your transactions flow with Maia Financial

Equipment Suppliers –  Get deals signed, sealed and delivered with Maia Financial

Achieving sales targets can sometimes come down to forming the right alliance. 
One of the fundamentals of capturing market momentum and deal-making is being tech savvy, especially when it comes to secure data and document signing.  Equipment suppliers rely on Maia Financial to offer deal making process flows that are efficient and secure to make sure they hit their targets sooner.

How do we do it?

Maia Financial boasts a stellar 35-year track record, having facilitated an impressive $6.5 billion in funding sales growth for supppliers. Our mission is simple yet profound: to increase your sales and expand your reach. How do we achieve this? Through a diverse range of flexible finance solutions tailored to the needs of your clients. Operating leases, lease-to-buy, direct credit, and hire purchase—our offerings are designed to support new sales ranging from $5,000 to $25 million, enabling you to reach your targets faster and more efficiently.  We specialise in getting signatures on your deals and our digital signature capability provides a fast track to sales success.

Expanding Your Reach

Imagine being able to extend your offerings to clients operating on a budget, thanks to a non-bank lender. Our flexible leasing options let your clients to preserve their operating capital and keep their equipment up to date and maintained out of their operating expense budget.  They preserve their cash, and your inventory is shipped.

Competitive rates based on credit strength ensure affordability, opening new markets and paving the way for fresh sales opportunities. Regardless of asset or deal size, we collaborate closely with your clients, turning their wishlists into your purchase orders.

New Platforms

Maia Financial stands as a leading provider of finance solutions, trusted by both government bodies and private enterprises. Our approval within difficult-to-penetrate market segments, including local councils, education, healthcare, aged care, agriculture, and manufacturing, provides you with new greenfields market access tapping into our extensive network of established relationships.

Solving Barriers to Purchase

Maia Financial supports your buyers throughout the asset's entire lifespan, guaranteeing smooth processes for acquisition with a fast quoting, digital signing through to delivery, service, upgrades, and even decommissioning and data wiping. Our innovative structuring options, such as pay-per-use, subscription models, and assets-as-a-service, provide avenues to capture new clients and bolster your sales.

Getting Deals Over the Line

Maia Financials’ finance specialists operate in real-time, we offer 1:1 account service supported by a streamlined digital process that ensures efficient transactions, regardless of the complexity or nature of the equipment. We've been there and done that— making us your reliable partner in getting transactions done.

Risk Managed

One of the most significant concerns for business is financial risk. At Maia Financial, we shoulder this burden by placing all capital costs onto our balance sheet under a contract with the client. Your business is safeguarded, allowing you to focus on what you do best: selling and growing your enterprise.

At Your Fingertips

Keeping deal flow on track is about the careful management of time, we’ve created a fast finance calculator to swiftly move your deals from quote to digitally signing on the dotted line. Your clients to initiate an online application for finance 24/7, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient experience.

Growth Is Our Business

Maia Financial accelerates your sales force by simplifying complex transactions with a well-lit, risk-managed path to digital deal signing. With your deal facilitation handled by Maia Financials’ enablement, your sales team is free to forge new leads to fuel growth.  Our flexibility enables us to incorporate a brokerage or referral margin, aligning our success with yours.

What’s your plan

If you're aiming to expand your reach, increase your sales potential, or offer a broader array of financing options to your clients, Maia Financial can help.  Having the right partner can make all the difference in deal delivery with smooth online experiences to finance your orders.



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