The bridge between innovation and healthcare delivery

Maia Financial

The bridge between innovation and healthcare delivery

In the high-stakes world of healthcare, staying up to date with the latest medical technology and diagnostic tools is essential to providing optimal patient care. However, the constant need for advancements often clashes with the budget constraints faced by healthcare providers, both public and private. There is a need for dynamic finance that can be inserted into complex funding and grant structures to assist health practitioners to meet the commercial, medical and ethical challenges of serving their community.

Our goal is to be the bridge between innovation and healthcare delivery, ensuring that facilities have access to cutting-edge equipment to deliver the best care possible.

Bridging the Gap with Reliable Funding

It's a scenario all too familiar for healthcare professionals – the need to upgrade equipment to improve patient outcomes yet lacking the necessary funding to do so. We have built financing solutions to resolve this dilemma and maintains a strong reputation as a reliable source of funding for hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners across Australia and New Zealand. We deliver financing aligned to the urgency of delivering crucial upgrades that can directly impact patient care.

With Maia Financials’ specialised financing solutions, healthcare providers can acquire the assets they need precisely when they need them, without compromising patient outcomes due to funding shortfalls.

Agile financing structures

The healthcare sector is subject to highly volatile funding with contributions taking many forms in both the public and private sector including grants, special funds, operating revenue and philanthropy.  Despite the diversity of funding sources, the growth in aging population, patient need and diagnostic capability inevitably leads to shortfalls.  Maia Financials health sector expertise garnered over 35 years enables our funding specialists to provide a durable financing solution that can assists practices to optimise their capital to accommodate the volatility of funding sources and enable stable patient-led clinical operations. 

Embracing Upgrade Cycles for Better Patient Outcomes

A challenge faced by healthcare providers is the dilemma between optimising the use of existing equipment or regularly upgrading to stay at the forefront of medical technology. Maia Financial addresses this challenge by offering operating leases that support upgrade cycles. Our leases are designed to allow facilities to keep their equipment up-to-date without excessive financial strain.

When considering equipment upgrades, it's important to consider that leasing returns substantial value relative to a modest contribution from your operating expenses.  Upgraded equipment not only enhances patient care but can also lead to increased referrals, higher patient volumes, and streamlined operations.  We work with health care providers to find their sweet spot to ensure the economic case for maximising equipment usage is balanced with consideration of patient outcomes.

Flexible Approach, Lasting Partnership

In recognition of the speed of change it is essential that practices can re-structure agreements mid-term if upgrades or changes are required, at the centre of your finance agreement lays the question, will this agreement enable the highest standards of medical technology.

Empowerment of Choice

We recognise the critical importance of remaining vendor-agnostic. We take a strong position on ensuring health care providers remain fully autonomous when it come to selecting equipment and defining the key features to deliver patient care to your communities.  You can work directly with medical device manufacturers or healthcare suppliers of your choice, ensuring that you acquire the tools and features you require to improve patient outcomes.  While you enjoy the direct interface with your equipment supplier, you are also backed by Maia Financials aggregated scale enabling you to leverage our sizeable market footprint.

Sustainability and Strategic Asset Management

Beyond providing financing, Maia Financial has a unique commitment to sustainability. We understand that as healthcare facilities upgrade their equipment, older assets can often still have value. Through our specialist network, we ensure that these valuable assets find a second life in communities and third-world countries that are in need. This approach not only benefits these communities but also provides financial benefits to healthcare providers. They can focus on patient care instead of diverting resources to asset disposal.

Why Maia Financial?

We recognise the need for both agility and commerical realism within the healthcare setting.  Our track record of delivery over 35 years funding equipment valued over $6.5bn provides the experience and stability Australia and New Zealand's heathcare sector requires to support the delivery of superior patient care.



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