Flexible High-volume facility to Unlock Innovation

Flexible High-volume facility to Unlock Innovation    

Speak to any senior executive, or read any business journal, and it’s clear that the leaders tasked with integrating the new technologies reshaping industry at an unprecedented pace, have more than a full-time job on their hands.

From artificial intelligence to robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), the possibilities are limitless. However, those executives charged with accessing the latest technology presents are only too aware of the challenges around capital risk, technology integration and having the capability to identify the best equipment when you know a rapid stream of upgrades is just around the corner.  Add to this any challenges around budget constraints or uncertain market conditions and risk management becomes even more complex.    

Finding the right Partner in Innovation    

At Maia Financial, we work daily with executives tasking us to build resilient financial pathways to responsibly steward the uptake of innovation.  As we look to the near term one such example is the emergence of wearable AR/VR devices that integrate apps, communication, collaboration and entertainment in quite revolutionary ways. 

Given these are personal devices the volume of uptake could potentially rival that of mobile phones and laptop computers.  We would expect that the early mass market iterations of this technology, like the imminent release of the Apple Vision Pro, will rapidly upgrade as the digital sector seizes the high-volume opportunity with a torrent of applications and integrations.

At Maia Financial we are challenged to provide a flexible high-volume financial facility that enables our clients to optimise first-mover advantages, without prohibitive cost and wastage associated with buying rapidly defunct early iterations that end up in landfill.

Considering a technology like the Apple Vision Pro utilising this adoption model;

1. Achieve access to first release technology

  • Achieve first mover advantage while avoiding ownership risk of superseded technology iterations.

2. Manageable Entry Costs

  • Maia Financial’s operating lease pricing model enables adoption with fractionalised payments that eliminate a large upfront capital expenses converting the financial model to an operating expense.

3. Full Value Utilisation Day One

  • Achieve full utilisation of newly adopted technology on day one with lease payments deferred over the lease term.   This enables clients to stride ahead on their ‘payback’ curve in real time as the lease progresses.

4. Comprehensive Service and Upgrades

  • Include comprehensive service and upgrade options, ensuring your equipment remains optimised throughout the lease period. From software updates to hardware maintenance.

5. Flexible Terms

  • Our operating lease comes with flexible terms tailored to align with your business objectives. We provide a Master Rental Agreement facility that enables clients to create a template of their most advantageous terms to be applied across all lease agreements.

6. Seamless Transition

  • Transitioning to new technology can be disruptive, our process ensures minimal downtime and disruption to operations. We deal with your vendor of choice and our agreements cover end to end service from delivery to sustainable disposal.

7. Environmental Responsibility

  • Maia Financial is committed to sustainability. Our clients actively contribute to reducing electronic waste and promoting a circular economy. At the end of the lease term, we facilitate responsible disposal or recycling of the equipment, minimising its environmental impact.

Finance that brings strategy to Life.

While operating leases are principally a financial instrument it is clear from our adoption model that our clients’ interests are strategically advanced on many frontiers utilising operating leases.  It is possible to become more competitive, sustainable, and retain your organisations capital reserves while participating in seismic technological innovation.

At the heart of the success of this model is control and risk modulation.  It is possible to start small and acquire equipment to achieve proof of concept and upscale, alternatively organisations like educational institutions acquire new technology on a rolling basis aligned with the school year. 

The ability to work with the vendor of your choice and select equipment and peripherals down to make and model, are also intrinsic to the success of these integrations. This is why utilising a fully flexible operating lease that accommodates the breadth of your organisational needs is pivotal.  From delivery to disposal, it is possible to consider mass device acquisition under an Assets as a Service model.

Maia Financial is trusted by clients to absorb volatile demand for equipment and our reliable capability to re purpose large volumes of technology for a meaningful second life of service.  It is heartening to know that following a fully utilised life under operating lease the technology is restored to optimal functionality and re-homed in an ideal second life. 

When the first iPhone hit the market in 2007 its transformative effect on how we lived our lives wasn’t immediately visible.  Before long it became the central interface with how we engaged with our closest family, every institution, payment, memory, music, communication, and calculation.  As AR and VR evolve the interface with these functions is again up for reconsideration presenting tremendous opportunity for those organisations poised to leverage it best.

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