Fast-tracking Technology and Supporting Teaching Challenges


Technology plays a vital role in enhancing the learning experience for students, and the emergence of AI-based providers like ChatGPT brings unique teaching challenges that require swift adaptation. Implementing new technologies can be costly and complex, diverting attention from the core objective of embracing these learning opportunities. Maia Financial offers a solution by fast-tracking technology integration and providing flexible finance options to educators. Through their tailor-made agreements with Victorian public schools and comparable agreements actionable for other states, Maia creates a real-time technology partnership that empowers educators to stay in sync with the digital revolution.

Fast-tracking Technology Integration

With decades of experience, Maia Financial streamlines the procurement process for educators by offering fast online quoting, electronic signatures, and customised lease agreements. This allows educators to select the precise items they need, down to the make and model, while incorporating additional features like service agreements. Moreover, Maia's pre-agreed pricing gives educators confidence in their choices, as they know their financier and agreement have been vetted with their interests in mind. By de-risking agreements and ensuring competitive value, Maia enables educators to move quickly and confidently towards asset delivery.

Expanded Services and Financing Options

Catering to educators from primary to tertiary levels, with funding for assets beyond technology we can help your institution realise its goals for the future in real time. Musical instruments, lab equipment, sound systems, gym equipment, security systems and furniture are among the assets we finance, allowing us to partner with you to deliver exciting innovation to your school community.  This versatility gives you a core relationship with a single partner that meets your diverse requirements offering favourable terms, the convenience of a holistic contract management hub, and personalised account management.

In providing educators with a well-lit path to agreements that enable them to procurement and maintenance of a diverse range of assets, we enable your staff to focus on teaching responsibilities without the burden of asset management tasks like repairs, maintenance, upgrades and disposal of assets in a sustainable fashion.  Further, at the end of leasing periods educators have a range of choices to ensure continuity and stable transition between new assets along with a free month and complimentary asset collection.

Real-time Technology Partnership

Maia's real-time technology partnership enables strong collaboration between educators and technology providers to ensure the optimum performance of their chosen assets.  Schools to maintain direct communication with vendors supporting their products with Maia facilitating the lease agreement.  This model enables educators to confidently navigate the implementation of new technologies, knowing they have the full support of both the vendor and Maia Financials’ scale behind them.

Flexible Finance Options

Recognising the financial constraints faced by educational institutions, we provide flexible options with an emphasis on affordable payment plans through rental/operating leases, sale and rent-back, finance leases, chattel mortgages and hire purchases. These options help schools preserve their tactical cash to ensure there is capital on hand to manage operating risk and opportunities while ensuring a stable and predictable levels of operating expense.

Our experience over three decades has proven time and again that it is possible to work within budgetary limitations while still providing students with the latest tools and resources.   Critically our made-to-measure agreements enable flexibility to move with rapid innovation, changes to curriculum and dynamic student populations to deliver best-practice teaching and learning experiences across your entire campus.  We can work with you, literally from the grounds up, with assets ranging from your security system, student laptops, sewing and trades equipment, canteen, auditorium, orchestra, VR, communications to open new doors to learning.

Our ability to embrace the specific challenges faced by educators, ensuring that budget limitations do not hinder the adoption of transformative technologies has placed Maia Financial at the lead of the market.  Over the course of the last 15 years, in the single category of laptop computers, we have placed over 150,000 laptops on desks around the country supporting education, healthcare and industry. Across all other categories the business has delivered over $6.5 billion dollars’ worth of assets over 35 years and is a trusted procurement partner in education, healthcare, agribusiness, local government and industry.   


As AI-based providers like ChatGPT emerge, educators face unprecedented teaching challenges that demand quick adaptation. Maia Financial recognises the importance of enabling educators to embrace these technologies in real time, for ICT assets and beyond, equipping them with agile finance to turn their wishlist into an achievable shopping list.

Maia Financial stands as a reliable end to end partner for the full life cycle of assets, supporting educators to build the reputation of their institution as both educational leaders and sound commercial managers, guiding transformative student experiences to prepare them for vibrant futures.