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How one trip created a lifetime of memories

Organisations across the globe are changing the way they do business. Whether that’s by integrating new technology or diversifying their products or services, change is abundant in the world we live and work in, and is essential to a business’ success.

However, there is one aspect of business that shouldn’t change, and that’s how you look after your people. This isn’t just a way to reduce staff attrition or increase productivity, but a way to appreciate your workforce because without each person doing their part in the business, your company and falls apart.

As working weeks grow longer we spend more and more time at work than we do at home. That’s a huge amount of time spent with people you work, and those hours should be spent in a respectful, engaging and rewarding environment.

Each quarter we hold a CEO awards event, recognising and rewarding those who have gone above and beyond their roles. But once a year, we take a select number of people (including their partners), who have made a significant contribution to the business, on an all-expenses-paid trip away. This year, as a thank you for their hard work and dedication, we embarked on a trip across Australia on the Indian Pacific train travelling from Sydney to Perth.

Starting our trip with a team lunch, our team boarded Great Southern Railway’s Indian Pacific train in Sydney last Wednesday settling into their bunks and taking in the scenery of the Blue Mountains and numerous vineyards. The day ended with a beautiful black tie dinner where everyone dressed to impress.

Day two started with an early 6am wake-up call for a tour of Broken Hill, where the temperature was just eight degrees! But far from being deterred by the chill, the team embraced the early start and enjoyed the tour including a visit to the home of famous painter, Pro Hart. It wasn’t long before we were back on the train heading to South Australia’s Barossa Valley.

Arriving in South Australia, day three was a day of amazing desert scenery and tours of two of South Australia’s leading wineries, covering everything from their history, family legacy and of course, wine tasting. It was inspiring to hear from two organisations who ensure that every day they work to a particular standard to not only provide quality wines but keep their family legacy and the business they built, intact. 

Just like all good things, our trip came to an end. Finishing in Perth, the team came together one last time for a starlit dinner in the desert celebrating their successes, before heading back to Sydney.

When we started the trip we talked about our friendships and on leaving it was clear to see by being able to not only work but celebrate together on this journey, we were all able to forge closer relationships with each other.

For me, this has undoubtedly been the highlight of the trip, particularly as I have discovered so much more about our team and each other’s lives. Something that I may not have been able to do had we not gone on this journey together. Seeing my team together celebrating and growing closer, not only was a pleasure for me to see, but shows what it really takes to not just maintain a company, but to grow.

The friendships formed and the lessons learnt as a result of this trip will remain with us all for a long time to come.

So, why go to the extent of arranging a team trip away? By going away as a group was not just an opportunity to reward those who have helped Alleasing grow, but an opportunity for all of us to celebrate, bond and more importantly, learn from each other. I for one can certainly say, that this has not only helped cement our purpose and ability to grow but has taught me a lot about those I spend more time with than I spend at home.

Rewards are not just a human resources responsibility, it’s everyone’s responsibility. Particularly, for today’s leaders, and for those of the future.

By Daniel Blizzard