Equipment Demand Index: Business gets political in latest election

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With the election been and gone, businesses are still anticipating some impact from the political sphere. So how are businesses adapting?

The October 2017 edition of the Equipment Demand Index is now available and our research has found that after a turbulent 2016 and 2017 for the political economy across the globe, businesses are still expecting politics to have an effect on their ability to grow.

Read on for more excerpts and download the report to find out more about how New Zealand businesses are reacting to the political and economic climate.

It’s all in the politics

With the New Zealand election now over, businesses continue to keep an eye on the political economy as 71.2 per cent are concerned that any negative activity could have an impact on growing their business.

Risky Technology

Investing in technology is often expensive, but not upgrading to the latest technology has its own cost. We look at the key drivers for businesses to upgrade their technology and what their biggest concerns are should they fail to upgrade. Are New Zealand businesses more concerned about international or domestic competition or is it something else altogether?

Advantage Point: Economy?

As the new government settles into the Beehive in Wellington, there is one advantage that the coalition can take solace in, and that’s New Zealand’s high performing economy. Businesses across the country are feeling positive with intentions to increase their asset base. Our research takes a deeper dive to see which locations and industries are performing the most.

Budgets on Track

Almost halfway through the financial year and businesses across a range of industries are confident in their new budgets adding to the countries overall high performing culture and growth. But are some underinvesting?

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NB. The research and publication of the Equipment Demand Index was conducted under Maia Financial’s previous name, Alleasing.