Current market perspectives from our Chief Growth Officer, Michelle Gianferrari

Empathy is the word that springs to mind when I look at our business and that of our clients in May 2020. Very few businesses are pandemic-proof no matter how structurally sound they are – a notion we have discussed with so many clients these past few weeks.

Fortunately, our business significantly invested in moving to a cloud-based solution pre-coronavirus so we have continued to be available to meet our clients’ needs as best we can, as the country navigates its way through isolation. My team and I are fully equipped to work from home and it’s very much business as usual.

More than ever, our philosophy of one size does not fit all widely resonates - our clients are seeking quick and versatile solutions to meet concerns not experienced before. To the extent which our funding partners allow, our quick turnaround times and competitive propositions are maintained.

Our sale and rent back solution is proving very popular. A cash investment into an asset purchased not even 3 months ago might now seem like the wrong decision to have made. We have been helping our clients release this cashback into their businesses by providing up to 100% of the original cost of the asset through a sale and lease back structure. Access to cash seems to be as important now as ever before and we look to find ways to facilitate this for our clients.  

As for the new normal for our business, every day the team meets through video link on Microsoft Teams to share ideas and to problem-solve on behalf of our clients. I insist on video cameras being switched on as we strive to maintain that familiar interaction, not to mention the fact that Andrew Morton’s dog provides regular entertainment! Seeing a team member’s body language or facial expressions can help me determine the level of support that may be required, over and above our daily check in.

Our client meetings are done via video where possible too. Whilst we won’t yet be shaking hands in a boardroom, we are now creating a different type of relationship as we discuss business matters from living room to living room.

I am a proud mother of 2 children and have learned plenty about the fine line between parenting and refereeing of late! My kids are understanding that just because I’m in the house, it doesn’t mean I’m always going to be available to solve a little argument or alleviate their boredom. One day they may bring me a beautiful plate of fruit while I work, the next they may burst in with water guns and shoot me (this actually happened)! Family is a wonderful thing and it certainly has had its moments in 2020.

Like many others, I am not a teacher but have a renewed respect for those who are. We have been pleased to offer our Education clients finance solutions that provide homeschooling assets in double quick time. If we can help to set up a home for virtual learning, then we know that parents across Australia will be very grateful.

As with home life, business is not the same as it was 6 months ago but we’re all very grateful to continue to fuel the ambitions of our clients. We are open for business and ready to be creative in order to play a small part in maintaining the success of our clients.